Instructions for reading the waste management invoice

You can learn more about the waste management bill in the instructions for reading the bill. Your customer number is the new identifying information of a waste management invoice. Your waste management service number will not change.


1. Use the identifying information found in this section when you interact with HSY’s customer service. Your waste management service number will not change. The new identifying information is your customer number.

2. You can find all the invoicing period’s collection times by waste types in the summary of the invoice. Waste management fees for consumer clients include VAT, which is displayed as additional information next to the invoice total.

3. In future, the fees for housing cooperatives, communities and companies will be displayed without VAT on the invoice rows. The total VAT will be displayed on its own row before the overall invoice total.

4. The invoice’s reference number is the same in all the invoices of the same waste management service. You can pay all outstanding invoices for the same waste management service by using the same reference number. Your payments will primarily be targeted at the oldest open invoice of your waste management service.

5. The invoicing period’s collection times can be found in the invoice itemisation.

6. Excess waste and its collection times are separate.

7. The rental fees for waste containers are weekly rentals that are charged by each starting week. The number of collection times of waste containers applies to the invoicing period.