Price lists for water services and waste management

Waste management and water services have separate price lists. You can find links to the price lists on this page.

The waste management price list also includes

  • recommendations on waste services suitable for properties of different sizes and the associated fees
  • information about waste services for holiday homes and their prices
  • information about the services free of charge and liable to a charge at Sortti Stations and sorting instructions for the waste to be received
  • Fees and sorting instructions at the Ämmässuo eco-industrial centre for large waste loads (lorries)
  • Special services liable to a charge for companies and entities

How much does it cost to connect to the water services?

There will be some one-time costs when connecting to HSY’s water network. You pay HSY a so-called connection fee and separately for work done to connect your property to the water network.

Liittymisestä aiheutuvat kustannuksetThe costs of joining the water services Connection calculator