Waste and water price lists

All fees related to waste and water services are gathered in separate price lists. You can find links to the price lists on this page. The waste management price list details the waste management service fee for properties, the size of waste containers and collection frequencies. The water services price list includes information about basic rates, metered charges and connection fees. 

A service fee price list, included in the water services price list, details water and sewer network connection fees for people building a new property, for example. 

The service fee price list also includes information regarding the costs of work related to the maintenance and changing of water meters. These maintenance tasks include the installation and removal of seasonal meters, opening and closing water supply and surveying property pipelines. 

The waste management price list provides information regarding the appropriate collection frequency for different properties of various types of waste, such as biowaste, mixed waste and plastic packaging. It also details the size and rental prices of waste containers. You will also find further information on collection fees for properties located in the archipelago. 

Prices of waste brought to Sortti Stations

The cost of the various types of waste that you can bring to a Sortti Station are detailed in the waste management price list. The price list defines, for example, what may be included in combustible mixed waste, how gypsum waste should be delivered and types of textile waste that are accepted. 

Hazardous waste generated by households is accepted free of charge. The price list includes information on the prices that a company, institution or similar must pay for hazardous waste. 

Waste delivered to Ämmässuo in lorries

The Ämmässuo eco-industry centre accepts waste loads transported by lorries or other large vehicles. The waste management price list provides information on how the treatment fee is defined and what costs are involved with different types of waste.