The SeutuData material package provides access to the most important regional geographic information materials. We want to offer consistent data that is easy to implement to support planners and researchers in the area.

The SeutuData material package compiles the most important geographic information materials of the Helsinki metropolitan area on an annual basis.  It contains detailed register data about buildings, properties, population, city plans and plan units, as well as comprehensive map and planning materials. The SeutuData materials are subject to licence and their use requires a licence.

The material package has been published since 1997, when SeutuData was called SeutuCD. No SeutuCD material packages were produced in 2004–2007 due to the system reform of the regional basic register. SeutuData'19 is the first material package produced under the new name. 

The SeutuData materials are largely in MapInfo format (tab). As of 2017, register data is also available in ESRI Shape format. The content of the material package varies slightly from year to year, but the register materials are always the same.