Regional geographic information

We produce and compile regional geographic information to support expert work. In addition, we also share geographic information materials and register data as open data.

We provide both open geographic information materials and those subject to licence from the Helsinki region. The materials cover the most important register data, map materials and other geographic information to support planning. The numerous and easy-to-implement geographic information materials serve planners and researchers in the Helsinki metropolitan area in their daily work.

  • You can use the geographic information materials subject to licence through the browser-based map service SeutuRuutu, or as separate files from the SeutuData material package. You can access the files through a server, download service, or file transfer service. Learn more about the terms of use and the right method for you.

  • In addition to the geographic information materials subject to licence, we have materials that are open to all. You can find them on HSY’s open data pages. In addition, all open data in geographic information format is also available via an interface as well as from the HSY open data map service

  • The register data we produce is based on the information in the regional basic register, or SePe. SePe is a database that combines basic register data from different sources into a single dataset covering the entire Helsinki metropolitan area. In addition to the register data for Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa, SePe includes building-level population data (DVV) as well as company and business location data (Statistics Finland). You can utilise SePe’s data, for example, in SeutuRuutu or via an interface.


SeutuRuutu is a browser-based map service designed for the official use of the municipalities in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

In SeutuRuutu, you will find information about individual register items as well as themed regional data. The map service includes a wide range of different geographic information materials, such as register data, transport and environmental materials to support planning, and a large number of background maps.

The map service is easy to use and suitable for everyone – it enables simple analyses and ready-made themed maps. Go to apply for a licence.

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The SeutuData material package provides access to the most important regional geographic information materials. We want to offer consistent data that is easy to implement to support planners and researchers in the area.

The SeutuData material package compiles all the most important geographic information materials of the Helsinki metropolitan area on an annual basis. It contains detailed register data about buildings, properties, population, city planning, companies and business locations, as well as comprehensive map and planning materials. The SeutuData materials are subject to licence. 

Open data services

We want to promote the wider use of the data we produce by providing information as open data. We believe that the more information is used, the more valuable it is.

Open data is free and machine-readable information that anyone may use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, subject to the terms of the licence.

We provide open data 

  1. In our open data service (in Finnish)
  2. Via open interfaces
  3. In the open map service


Geographic information interfaces

Interfaces allow you to read the most up-to-date geographical information materials directly into your own application.

An interface is a connection that allows you to view and read data in a database. It ensures up-to-date access to the materials and also allows them to be read directly into different applications. The created interface connection continuously updates the material from the original source.