Water service investment projects

In HSY we invest approximately EUR 180 million annually in the development and repair of water services in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Well-functioning water services are an important part of the world's most sustainable metropolitan area, and through investments we are improving the reliability and environmental friendliness of the water services. On this page you will find more information about our projects.

HSY's water services is responsible for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring of water distribution and sewerage networks and water services facilities in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We take care of, among other things, 12 water towers, 568 wastewater pumping stations and the water services networks in the Helsinki metropolitan area, which total length is about 9,000 kilometres.

We implement projects both as HSY managed projects and together with cities; in this case the cities manage the projects. The aim is to build and repair HSY's water services networks as much as possible in connection with street renovations, in which case the project will cause as little inconvenience to the residents as possible.

HSY's water services investment plans are made for a ten-year period. With long-term planning, we ensure the good condition of our assets and adequate capacity for our networks and plants as the population of the area increases.

Projects of different sizes around the Helsinki metropolitan area

On of our ongoing water services projects is the Marttila area water services renovation in Pitäjänmäki, where we are renovating not only the water pipelines, wastewater sewers and storm sewers which we own, but also all plot pipelines and plot sewers over 20 years old from the mains to the plot boundary. More information can be found on the Pitäjänmäki - Marttila water network renovation.

In addition to major projects, we are constantly improving and repairing other water services assets. On this page you will find presentations of some of our current or future projects (only on the Finnish language site).