Text messages regarding water supply cuts

It is sometimes necessary to cut off the water supply as we maintain the reliability of the water network. We give notice of water supply cuts in advance so that you can be prepared.

There are approximately 500 anticipated water supply breaks in our service area each year. Sometimes we also send text messages in the event of sudden disturbances.

We automatically send text messages to residents over the age of 16 in the Helsinki metropolitan area whose phone number and address are public. Please note that we cannot obtain the address from the carrier even if the phone number is public if the address cannot be found, for example, through directory assistance services.

Register your number if

  • your phone subscription is registered to a place other than your residence (e.g. work phone);
  • you have prohibited your carrier from disclosing your address; or
  • your phone subscription is unlisted or prepaid.


Order a PIN code

  1. Select the way you want HSY to inform you about water supply cuts. You can choose one or more options
    • SMS to a mobile phone number
    • voice message to a landline number or
    • an email to an email address.
  2. Fill in your name and phone number (in the form 0501234567) and / or your e-mail address in the fields provided.
  3. Click the Send PIN code button. You will soon receive a four-digit PIN via SMS or email if no mobile phone number was specified. If you entered a landline number, you will soon receive a call listing your four-digit PIN.
  4. Fill in the PIN you received in the field provided.
  5. Click the OK button.

Subscribing an address

  1. Click the Subscribe button.
  2. Fill in the zip code, street name and house number in the fields provided.
  3. Click the Subscribe button next to your address.
  4. Check the address information you filled in and click the Yes button to confirm the registration of your address information.
  5. Done! In the future, you will receive a message, the way you have chosen, if the address you subscribed is included in the are of HSY’s anticipated water supply.

Please note that you can register more than one address, such as the address of your workplace or relative.

If several people in the same household want to order a text message about water supply breaks, each person must register their own phone number for the service separately.

‚ÄčKeep your contact information up to date

If your address or phone number changes, you can update your information by logging in to the online service again. Retrieve a new PIN to edit or delete your information.

Privacy protection

Our contract customers are properties and housing companies, such as apartment buildings and terraced houses, so we only have the contact information of the owner, property manager, etc. We do not use the HSY customer register to collect numbers.

We do not use the numbers stored in the system for anything other than giving notice of water supply cuts. The numbers are not sold or passed on, and they are stored by us on a password-protected server that can only be accessed by people operating the text message system.