Waste management for companies


The Waste Act, which entered into force on 1 January 2020, introduced changes to the services provided for companies. A company that does not have a valid TSV agreement with HSY and that anticipates that its annual need for waste reception services will exceed EUR 2,000 (VAT 0%) must use the Materiaalitori.fi information platform before entering into an agreement with HSY.

Are you unsure if your company has a contract with HSY? Contact our customer service.

The new payment and service practices at the Sortti Stations and the Hazardous waste station will come into effect from 1 April 2021

The prices of received waste at Sortti Stations will change at the beginning of 2024

In the future, companies and communities will have a different price list than households. According to the Waste Act, municipal waste processing plants should price the reception of waste from companies and communities so that the prices correspond to the costs of waste processing.

Waste and water price lists

At the self-service payment device, you can pay for your load by either using a payment card or with an invoice when using the Sortti card. We have renewed the system to facilitate the assessment of the load size and waste type. 

Paying with a payment card requires that you sign an agreement with HSY concerning the waste management service at the Sortti Station and hazardous waste station. You can sign the agreement at the Sortti Station or in the eSortti.fi service.

Paying with an invoice requires a Sortti card membership. You can get the Sortti card through the eSortti.fi service or from the Sortti Station. 

If your company already has a Sortti card, it can be used until it expires. After 1 April 2021, all issued Sortti cards are personal, i.e. anyone on company business at a Sortti Station must have their own card.
Read more about creating a Sortti Card in the eSortti.fi web service. 

In the eSortti.fi service, your company can start using more extensive services. You can, for example, pay for waste loads in advance, manage your invoicing information and Sortti cards used by your employees and monitor the services used by your company. The service requires strong identification using the Suomi.fi identification and authorisation service.   

The new contractual terms of Sortti cards and waste management services from 1 April 2021.

Waste collection and transport services for companies and corporations

Pursuant to the Waste Act, we are responsible for municipal waste generated by administrative and service activities of municipalities, as well as for municipal waste generated on business premises when waste management is shared with a residential property (e.g. brick and mortar shops, pipe collection system). In addition, we can provide waste collection and transport services to companies that have entered into a TSV agreement with HSY or submitted a TSV request to HSY via the Materiaalitori.fi platform.

Order waste transport services or make changes  

It is not yet possible to make all waste service changes and orders online: for help with these and other issues, please contact our customer service.