Renting a Sortti trailer

A man and a woman lifting two chairs at a Sortti Station.

Rules for Sortti trailer rental and use 

  • The cost of the trailer rental is €5 for three hours.
  • The trailer is only intended for private customers to transport waste to Sortti Stations. 
  • One customer may only rent the trailer for a single 3-hour turn per day.  
  • If your rental time exceeds three hours or you do not use the trailer to deliver waste to the Sortti Station, the charged payment is €40. 
  • The trailer cannot be rented for transport of the soil sold at the Kivikko and Ämmässuo Sortti Stations.
  • Confirm the start of the trailer rental at the Sortti Station service desk by showing your ID. Our staff will show you where to pick up the trailer at the station.

A fee in accordance with the Sortti Station price list will be charged for waste reception. Only card payment is accepted for trailer rental. 


The Sortti trailer rental agreement is concluded either in connection with the online booking or at the Sortti Station. The identity of the renter will be checked at the station.

Sortti trailer booking options: 

  • fill in the online booking form 
  • make a reservation at the Sortti Station information point 
  • call our customer service

Please note that for reservations starting at 5 pm, the trailer must be picked up from the Sortti Station by 5.30 pm at the latest. 

You will receive a confirmation message to your email and mobile phone, as well as a link that you can use to cancel the reservation, if necessary. 

More information about customer service

Sortti trailer information 

  • External dimensions: length 418 cm, width 167 cm. 
  • Trunk dimensions: capacity 5 m3, length 265 cm, width 125 cm, height 50 cm, height with the top 150 cm. 
  • Empty weight 195 kg, carrying capacity 555 kg, total weight 750 kg. 
  • The trailer does not have brakes or winter tyres.  
  • The trailer connector is 7-pin, but an adapter for a 13-pin connector is available from the station if required.