Sortti pick-up service for large objects

Two people carry a couch into a lorry.

The Sortti pick-up service is a pick-up service for large items, liable for a charge.

  • The service is intended for private individuals and housing companies. 
  • You can select a daytime pick-up (between 8 a.m .and 4 p.m.) or an evening pick-up (between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.).  
  • The driver will call you about half an hour before the pick-up. Pick-up will be canseled if you cannot be reached. 
  • The Sortti pick-up service is available in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Kirkkonummi. Areas connected through waterways, such as the archipelago, are not included in the service area.

Items we will pick up include

  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • kitchen stoves
  • sofas

We do not pick up

  • objects contaminated with bed bugs or other pests
  • objects stained with excretions
  • loose renovation waste
  • hazardous waste
  • pianos
  • ordinary mixed household waste
  • waste generated by companies and communities, or any other waste we deem unsuitable 

We do not accept, transport or handle any personal property containing bed bugs.

Items contaminated with bed bugs

Price list

The price of the pick-up is 65,50−131,00 euros.

The price includes picking up the items from the property and delivering them for reuse or recycling. Disassembly is not included in the service.

The web service automatically calculates the price based on the number and size of the selected items. Pick-up for large and heavy objects that are difficult to transport is a little more expensive.

The driver will estimate the final price during the pick-up. Please note that we are prepared to pick up only the items specified in the order. 

Payment methods

Debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) are accepted as means of payment.

If your detached house has a waste management contract, we can add the price of the pick-up to your waste bill. If the pick-up was ordered by the property manager, we can include it in the housing company’s waste bill. 

You can also pay with a payment commitment. In this case, order the Sortti pick-up service by phone from our customer service. 

What happens to the picked-up items?

Recyclable materials are delivered to industry to be reused as raw materials. Non-recyclable materials are transported to Vantaa Energy’s waste-to-energy plant to be turned into district heating and electricity.

Print out a poster 

Do sofas, mattresses or other items that do not belong there appear at the waste collection point of your building? You can inform the residents about our Sortti pick-up service by printing out a poster (in Finnish) for the wall of the waste collection point.