Joint use of waste containers

Houses in a detached housing area. Smoke is coming out of the chimney.

​Properties adjacent to each other can make a contract with us to use a jointly owned waste container. The parties to the contract concerning joint use are all the properties using the jointly owned waste container and its location.

The contract on joint use must have a main contracting party. The main contracting party acts as our contact person for container emptying and maintains the contact information on the waste container users, i.e. the joint owners in the contract.

Fill in the contract on the joint use of waste containers in the service

If the waste container needs to be placed outside the property boundary, agree on the placement of the container with the landowner. For more information about the landowner, please contact the National Land Survey of Finland. 

Holiday home owners can also agree on the use of a jointly owned waste container with their closest neighbours, the road maintenance association, or another organisation. It is a good option, for example, in situations where there is no road to the holiday home.

If you do not have access to electronic services, you can call our customer service if necessary and ask them to send you a paper contract template for shared use.