Joint use of waste containers

Houses in a detached housing area. Smoke is coming out of the chimney.

Shared use is a great way to collect biowaste if the amount generated on your property is small and you want to save on waste management costs.

An agreement is made with HSY on the biowaste container to be emptied, the parties to which include the main contracting party and the sub-contracting party/parties. The main contracting party acts as a contact person for HSY. The shared use agreement is made in their name and only the main contracting party has the right to change the content of the service in terms of the collection frequency, container sizes and waste types, as well as to order additional collections. The shared waste container is located in their yard. Each party to the shared use agreement must be the owner of their residential property’s waste services, i.e. the waste services ID is in the party’s name. 

A shared use agreement cannot be concluded by phone, as it requires electronic identification. Please note that a new shared use agreement is not needed for biowaste collection if biowaste is added to an existing agreement, such as a shared use agreement for mixed waste, and there are no changes to the agreement parties or bill contribution percent ages.

Before drawing up the shared use agreement, agree with the other parties on the following:

  • who will be the main contracting party
  • at what percentages should the bill be divided between the parties
  • should HSY deliver the bill for biowaste collection to the main contracting party or separately to each party

Once these things have been agreed upon:

  1. A representative of each property involved in the shared use container responds to HSY’s survey on the sorting of biowaste and indicates that they choose shared use. Please note that the person responding to the survey must be the same one whose name is on this letter or on the waste bill, i.e. the owner of the waste services.
  2. The main contracting party fills in the shared use agreement (requires electronic identification) and provides the names and email addresses of the sub-contracting parties.
  3. The sub-contracting parties will then receive a link to HSY’s electronic system by email, and they must fill in the agreement for their part using electronic identification.
  4. Finally, the agreement is sent once more to the main contracting party for approval.
  5. After this, the agreement will be transferred to HSY for processing.

Shared use of a composter

With regard to the shared use of a composter, users agree on this among themselves and submit a joint composting notification to HSY, not a shared use agreement. The person responsible is the one in whose yard the composter will be. The person responsible acts as a contact person for HSY and submits the composting notification to HSY, indicating the waste services IDs of the participating properties. The person responsible must submit the composting notification within two months of the start of composting.