Functional waste collection point on property

A woman places biowaste in a container in a waste collection room.

The waste point is visible in the everyday life of residents, and its functionality and cleanliness are appreciated. A tidy and properly built waste point is pleasant to use, promotes waste recycling, and also helps in pest control, for example.

The planning of the property’s waste collection point is based on the users’ own needs. In addition to these needs, waste management and fire safety regulations, as well as those from municipalities, must also be taken into account in the planning. It must always be possible to empty the waste containers in a smooth and safe manner.


On large properties, it is often appropriate to use several waste points, so that no one has to transport their waste over an unreasonably long distance. 

The lockable waste room must be equipped with a lock in accordance with HSY’s rekey system. Please note that the use of a key container is subject to licence.

A functional waste point:

  • is large enough to accommodate all the necessary containers. It must be possible to empty the containers without moving the other ones.
  • is illuminated. NB! Remember to illuminate the transfer routes as well.
  • is equipped with a sufficiently wide and sturdy door. 
  • has a hard, flat, level and non-slip base. There are no thresholds at the waste point or on the transfer route.
  • is marked with a waste collection point sign and the address of the property to facilitate the work of the waste collector.
  • promotes sorting. If necessary, order sorting guides for the waste collection point and containers free of charge.
  • is safe and has unobstructed access.
  • is protected from pests where appropriate, e.g. by nets.
  • is safe to work in.

There must be sufficient space round the deep collection containers. The boom of the emptying vehicle must be able to reach the container. There must be no electrical cables above or in the vicinity.