Sortti containers for domestic hazardous waste

HSY’s container for household hazardous waste.

In addition to Sortti Stations, we accept almost all hazardous waste from households free of charge at Sortti containers for hazardous waste. The collection is for private individuals only. Hazardous waste from companies is accepted at Kivikko and is subject to a charge.

The exact locations of the Sortti containers:

Sortti containers for hazardous waste are usually located in the yards of service stations or stores and are accessible during their opening hours. Fill in the customer information form at the service point, providing both your own information and the waste you are delivering. The purpose, grounds and conditions of the processing of the personal data on the customer information form are described in the privacy statement of HSY’s waste management information systems.

Bring hazardous waste in original containers or label your container with what it contains. Please note that the containers must be intact and closed. Always leave the containers in the boxes in an upright position.

For detailed information on the locations of hazardous waste collection containers and cabinets as well as applicable waste, see kierrä


What cannot be brought to the Sortti containers:

car batteries -> lead-acid batteries for cars and motorcycles (Pd) to Sortti Stations and collection vehicles 

medications -> free of charge to all pharmacies

gas cylinders -> reception only at Sortti Stations for safety reasons

electric and electronic waste -> free of charge to Sortti Stations

pressure impregnated wood -> to Sortti Stations, fee in accordance with the price list

waste containing asbestos -> to the Ämmässuo Sortti Station, fee in accordance with the price list

emergency flares or fireworks -> return to sellers or as indicated by the police

barrels of hazardous waste -> To Hazardous waste Station at Kivikko

Sorting instructions at the Sortti container: