Biowaste for properties with 1 to 4 apartments

Do you live in Espoo, Kauniainen, or Kirkkonummi? On this page you will find information about the reform concerning the sorting and collection of biowaste that will enter into force in your municipality of residence on 1.7.2023.

In addition to mixed waste, biowaste must be sorted separately on all properties in Espoo, Kauniainen, and Kirkkonummi with 1–4 apartments (with the exception of holiday homes) starting on 1.7.2023. The options for sorting and processing biowaste on the property are as follows:

  1. HSY biowaste container, emptying every one, two, or four weeks depending on the number of inhabitants
  2. Personal composter, self-service composting on the property

It is also possible to share waste containers or a composter with nearby neighbours. If you choose an HSY biowaste container, we will deliver it to your property in May or June of 2023. If you wish, you can start using the waste container as soon as it arrives at the property, in which case the billing for the emptying will also begin before July.

Are you already composting on the property? Please update your personal composting notification.

Submit a composting notification

Alternatives to biowaste sorting

An emptied HSY biowaste container

The HSY waste container delivered to the property and its emptying interval depend on the number of inhabitants indicated in the order. For a property with 1–8 residents, we deliver a ventilated biowaste container, which is emptied every four weeks. For more than eight residents, we deliver an ordinary biowaste container, which is emptied once a week or every other week, depending on the number of users. You can also order a waste container for shared use with your immediate neighbours.

Ventilated biowaste container

Description: An air-conditioned plastic collection container that keeps biowaste drier and allows for less frequent emptying.

Emptying interval: 1 to 8 inhabitants: four weeks.
Volume: 140 l
Size: Height approximately 110 cm, width approximately 50 cm, depth 55 cm.
Price in 2023: €6.87 / emptying, includes VAT 24% (includes the price of the rental container)

Standard biowaste container

Description: A closed plastic collection container with an emptying interval of one or two weeks at most.

Emptying interval: 9 to 16 inhabitants: every other week, more than 16 inhabitants: once a week.
Volume: 140 l
Size: Height approximately 110 cm, width approximately 50 cm, depth 55 cm.
Price in 2023: €6.87 / emptying, includes VAT 24% (includes the price of the rental container)

Self-service composting

Instead of using an emptied biowaste container, you can compost the biowaste you produce and utilise the nutrients from the compost on your property. For the time being, HSY does not offer any composters, so you have to buy one yourself. If you compost food waste, you must report it to HSY. A notification is not necessary when composting garden waste only. The notification is valid for five years.

If you only compost for part of the year, please also order an emptied biowaste container and the required emptying services for your property for the time when you are not composting. A biowaste container is also needed if the property has more than one apartment and not everyone participates in the composting. The composter can also be in shared use.

Are you new to composting? On our website you will find good instructions as well as a downloadable composting guide. 

Read more about composting

Interested in pooling your waste?

You can agree with your nearby neighbours on the use of a shared waste container or composter. The shared use may cover any type of waste. If the waste container needs to be placed outside the property boundary, the placement of the container must be agreed with the landowner. Read more about the sharing agreement and its terms and conditions, after which you can fill in the electronic sharing agreement found on the page:

Joint use of waste containers with neighbours