Water bill

The water bill consists of basic rates and metered charges. The water bill includes, on separate rows:

  • metered charges for water and wastewater;
  • basic rates for water and wastewater; and
  • basic rate for stormwater if the property is located in the stormwater sewerage area.

We will send water bills and water meter reading requests to the address you have provided. Notify our customer service of any changes in address, such as in the event of a change of property manager or accounting firm. This allows us to deliver the bill or the card for water meter self-reading to the right person or party. Always report the water meter reading in connection with any changes.

Please note that the bill is primarily the responsibility of the party that has entered into a contract with us, i.e. the contracting party. This also applies to situations where the bill is paid by a tenant. We may sign a written water usage contract with the tenant with the written consent of the lessor.

The water bill is either an estimated bill or an adjustment bill

Estimated bill

An estimated bill is used to invoice the metered charges for water in accordance with the annual estimate. The annual consumption estimate is calculated based on the water meter readings you have reported to us and your previous water consumption. An adjustment bill is used to balance the metered charges. Until a meter reading is reported, you will receive only estimated bills based on the latest meter reading reported by you.

The average estimated water consumption is approximately 50 cubic metres/person/year. As a new customer, we will invoice you based on this estimate until you report your meter reading. Based on the meter reading, we will change the annual consumption estimate as needed.

We will send an estimated bill on a monthly basis if the total amount of the estimated bill exceeds EUR 50 and no water meter reading has been reported. We invoice for water usage one month in arrears, i.e. we will invoice the estimated consumption and basic rates for April in May, for example.

Adjustment bill

We will send you an adjustment bill once you have reported your water meter reading. An adjustment bill is used to charge for the amount of water in accordance with actual consumption. Based on this, the payments you have already made towards the estimated bills are deducted from the amount charged. You will be either charged or reimbursed for the difference.

We will send a bill based on the reading whenever we receive a water meter reading from you, regardless of the total amount of the bill. This allows us to balance your invoicing with actual consumption as quickly as possible. If the difference between the amount invoiced based on estimate and actual consumption has been very small, the total amount of the bill may also be small.

The adjustment bill is based on the assumption that you have paid any invoices that have previously become due. If you have unpaid invoices that are past due, you must pay them in addition to the adjustment bill.

The water meter reading should be reported regularly 

If you only want to receive bills based on the water meter reading, you should read the water meter at the beginning of the month and report the reading by the fourth day of the month. In this case, we will only send you bills based on the reading.

If you always save and send us a reading from the first day of the month, you will receive adjustment bills for water for each calendar month; for example, for the period between 1 March and 31 March. If you do not report your water meter reading to us at the beginning of the month, we will send you an estimated bill in the middle of the month, based on the annual forecast calculated from the readings you have reported earlier.

We will send estimated bills monthly until we receive the next water meter reading from you, at which point we can make out an adjustment bill based on it.