HSY as an employer

Get to know HSY as an employer, read our employee stories and familiarise yourself with our employee benefits. We have various vacancies available all the time. We offer students summer jobs and internships. We work with educational institutions in our field.

We do meaningful work for a stable employer

We offer diverse work assignments and the opportunity to develop professionally and work on socially important issues in a major organisation in the environmental sector. With us, you get to work to promote clean and sustainable urban life together with your coworkers.

We invest in good leadership and value our staff

We adhere to the principles of equality, fairness, parity, respect for others and integrity in all interactions. We build good a good culture for work and interaction together with all our staff.

We have good coworkers and a culture of helping

You are supported by knowledgeable colleagues and the expertise of our multidisciplinary work community. We operate in a total of 14 different locations in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

We offer good opportunities to develop and train

We organise a variety of internal training activities for the needs of different occupational groups. Our staff also participates in a wide range of external coaching.


See our vacancies, read the job postings and submit your application for the position that interests you.  

If there are currently no open positions that interest you, you can sign up for our vacancy notification service.

You can get an internship or the opportunity to do a thesis through cooperation with educational institutions.

Summer jobs

We employ 60–90 summer employees every year.

We are part of the Responsible Summer Job campaign. It is important to us that each of our summer employees has a good summer job experience. We are committed to the principles of a good summer job in accordance with the campaign.  

Will you be one of us next summer? Our 2023 summer jobs application period starts 20th of January and closes 10th of February.

Meaningful summer jobs 

Our summer employees gain good work experience and information about our multidisciplinary organisation. They enable our employees’ annual summer holidays. Read about the experiences of our summer employees. 

Students and interns

Future talent at HSY?

We at HSY provide summer jobs and internships especially for students in the technical and environmental fields, and you can also work on your thesis or final project with us. We are Finland’s largest public operator in the water supply and circular economy sectors. Regional and environmental information provides reliable and up-to-date regional data to promote a good urban environment.   

We employ, for example, plant operators at the eco-industrial centre, electricians, automation mechanics, engineers, experts, pipe fitters and Sortti Station attendants.   

Cooperation with educational institutions   

We cooperate with educational institutions in the technical and environmental fields in the Helsinki metropolitan area.  

You can learn more about us at recruitment events, visits and lessons organised by educational institutions, for example. We announce upcoming events on the @hsymeillätöissä Instagram account.  

You can get an internship or the opportunity to do a thesis through cooperation with educational institutions.

Read employee stories

We have professionals from various fields. We offer diverse opportunities for experts in the environmental sector. We also employ experts in building services engineering as well as the electrical and automation industries, among others.

Our employees are supported by knowledgeable colleagues and the expertise of our multidisciplinary work community. We offer good opportunities to develop and train either through internal courses or external coaching.

Employee benefits

We take care of our employees

We provide our employees with a wide range of employee benefits to maintain well-being at work. 

  • We have extensive occupational health care services. 
  • We offer good opportunities to develop and train. We want to develop the expertise of our staff. We organise a variety of training activities regularly and offer opportunities to participate in external coaching. 
  • Remote work is possible in many roles. 
  • We use the ePassi service to provide lunch benefits as well as sports and culture.  
  • We encourage sustainable choices in mobility. The employee commuting benefit is available either as an HSL travel card or as commuting balance loaded to ePassi. 
  • We have several clubs where you can participate in various hobbies free of charge. The clubs offer activities such as ashtanga yoga, billiards, football, gymnastics, running, bowling, floorball and handicrafts. Many of our locations also have a gym. 
  • We support the well-being of our employees by providing massage therapist visits at our locations. 
  • We offer our employees MS Office home use programs at a discount from normal retail prices.  
  • Our staff receives a discount on Metsäpirtti soil from the list prices of home-delivered soil orders.