Lot reserve

Lot reserve in the Helsinki metropolitan area

HSY produces information on the city plan reserve situation, or lot reserve, in the Helsinki metropolitan area, i.e. Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa. The rules for the formation of the reserve have been agreed between HSY and the municipalities of the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Reserve figures are produced for decision-making and planning purposes. The situation of existing city plans in the Helsinki metropolitan area with regard to unused building rights, i.e. the reserve, is presented in the annual lot reserve review, which describes the situation at the turn of the year. The review’s key figures are based on SeutuRAMAVA geographic information materials, which are part of the SeutuData material package. Calculated reserves are used as reserve figures in the review. The smallest remaining building rights per lot are not included in the calculated reserve, so the calculated reserve involves interpretation.

In January 2021, the Helsinki metropolitan area had 8.06 million floor square metres of calculated city plan reserves for housing, of which 4.17 million floor square metres were apartment building reserves and 3.90 million floor square metres were detached house reserves.

​Calculated housing reserve, million floor square metres
  Detached house reserve Apartment building reserve Total
Espoo 1.43 1.09 2.53
Helsinki 1.04 2.39 3.43
Kauniainen 0.14 0.01 0.15
Vantaa 1.28 0.67 1.95
Total 3.90 4.17 8.06

Source: SeutuRAMAVA 1/2021 material


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