Open data map service

The HSY open map service provides open data for everyone to use. In the map service, you can view geographic information materials interactively and download materials to your own computer. All of this works easily in your browser and requires no registrations or installations.

An easy way to explore open geographic information materials

We compile all open geographic information materials we produce in the map service. The service works best in the Chrome browser.

In the map service you can:

  • view multiple materials at the same time
  • download materials in shapefile format from the area of your choice
  • create links to the map view, print a map, or measure distances

The technical solution of the map service is based on open source code, which has been implemented using the Oskari software. Openness allows the service to be co-developed with other organisations. That is, when we develop functions for the map application, others also benefit from the development work done.

All materials shown in the open map service are provided through open interfaces. This means that you can also use the materials shown on the map directly from the interface.  

Read more about the HSY open interfaces and using interfaces.



Where can I find map materials on the map?

You can display the materials of the map service by selecting “map layers” (karttatasot) in the left navigation bar and clicking on the desired materials. Once you have checked a map layer, the material will be listed in the “selected layers” (valitut tasot) tab. The “selected layers” tab allows you to easily see which materials you have on the map and in what order they are presented in relation to each other. Behind the triangle following the material, you can adjust the transparency of the layer and possibly read feature data (as regards vector data). You can open the data descriptions of the materials from the i-button that appears after the name of the material.

The navigations on the left also include the map legends that tell you what the different symbols or colours of the materials displayed on the map mean. In addition, there are various tools and more detailed instructions on the left side.

The download basket allows you to download the desired materials with the border of your choice.

It is possible to download materials from the map service to your own computer using the download basket. First, add the desired material to the map and go to the download basket (latauskori). The download basket will ask you to select a bordered area. If you do not need a specific bordered area, such as a postal code, then you can choose a free rectangular border. Once you have outlined the area or areas and transferred them to the download basket, you will be prompted for an email address to send the file link. Email addresses are not stored by the software. The downloadable materials are in shapefile format.

A map inlay of the real-time air quality situation made using the map service:

Air quality now