Air quality in Uusimaa

In addition to the Helsinki metropolitan area, we also monitor the air quality elsewhere in Uusimaa. The air quality in Uusimaa is usually good for the most part. In some places, the air quality is reduced by emissions from traffic and wood burning.

In Uusimaa, the air quality is permanently monitored in Lohja. The results describe the general air quality in Lohja and the air quality of cities’ background areas in general.

A second monitoring site changes location every year. The results of this mobile monitoring site describe the air quality in a busy traffic environment. In accordance with the Uusimaa air quality monitoring programme (2024−2028) the monitoring site is located:
2024: Kirkkonummi
2025: Porvoo
2026: Hyvinkää 
2027: Järvenpää
2028: Kerava

In addition to monitoring sites, we also monitor air quality with smaller individual measuring instruments. We monitor the impact of wood burning on air quality and measure the concentrations of fine particles from combustion and PAH compounds in detached house areas:
2024: Sudetti in Karkkila
2025: Järvenpää
2026: Kerava
2027: Loviisa
2028: Mäntsälä

In addition, we monitor the impact of traffic on air quality using the passive sampler method in several municipalities.

We report on the air quality in Uusimaa and its development annually. The publication also presents the emissions of each municipality in the area from the year before the reporting year. The report is published by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Uusimaa (ELY Centre).

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