Ämmässuo air quality and weather conditions

Waste treatment causes dust and odours that, depending on the weather conditions, can spread to the surrounding area. We monitor total reduced sulphur (TRS) compounds, thoracic particles (PM10), fine particles (PM2.5), and weather conditions at two monitoring sites in the area of the Ämmässuo eco-industrial centre. The results are available as a graph or table. The tabs allow you to select which monitoring results you want to view. The monitoring results are displayed hourly. You can select a day, week, or month as the reference period. The monitoring results are unverified hourly averages.

More information

We evaluate the results on a monthly basis and compare the measured concentrations to the limit values and guideline values provided for concentrations in outdoor air. The Government’s limit and guideline values for air pollutants are intended for areas where people reside or spend time. Consequently, these limit and guideline values for air quality are not directly applicable to measurements made in the Ämmässuo area.