The water meter

The water meter reading indicates the water consumption of the property. As our customer, you will receive a water meter reading request once or twice a year, depending on the water consumption of your property. After receiving the reading request, you can report the reading in our online services or by mail. We will send you an adjustment bill once you have reported your water meter reading.

Please make sure that you take the reading from the property’s main water meter. Check that the meter number given in the reading request matches the number hard-stamped to the meter’s edge. In the ex​ample photo below​​, the meter number is 82420 and the reading is 2313.



Report the water meter reading

If you report the meter reading by mail, please also note down the zeroes in front of it in the reading column of the form. If you report the reading online, the zeroes in front are not needed. The position of the red markers, showing the cubic metre percentages, does not need to be reported.

For more information about reading your water meter, please contact our customer service by phone or on our feedback form.

The water meter reading should be reported regularly

If you only want to receive bills based on the water meter reading, you should read the water meter at the beginning of the month and report the reading by the fourth day of the month. In this case, we will only send you bills based on the reading.

If you do not report your water meter reading to us at the beginning of the month, we will send you an estimated bill in the middle of the month, based on the annual forecast calculated from the readings you have reported earlier.

We will send estimated bills monthly until we receive the next water meter reading from you, at which point we can make out an adjustment bill based on it.

Read more about estimated and adjustment bills for water.

‘Lukemalla on väliä’ (The reading matters)

Remember to monitor your water meter

You should occasionally check the water meter between reading requests as well, as hidden leakages, for example, can be detected by monitoring the property’s water meter. If the water meter is rotating and no one is using water at that time, it may indicate a leaking pipe.

The water meter is owned by HSY and it is replaced with a new one approximately every 10 years. If you suspect that the meter is broken, please contact our customer service.

The water meter must be located in a place where it can be easily installed, read, serviced and replaced. It must be protected against freezing, heat and other harmful effects. Please note that the water meter may also ‘sweat’ heavily during the summer if the water meter room is not properly ventilated.

The condition of the water meter and room should be checked at least once a year, for example, when reading the meter. At the same time, it is a good idea to use the shut-off valves on both sides of the meter by opening and closing them. Unused valves get jammed over time, and if the valves are jammed when the water meter is to be replaced, this cannot be done until the meter valves have been replaced as well. Valve replacement is work billed to the customer.