Water supply cuts and disturbances in water supply

Fault reporting service 24 h

09 1561 3000

Before calling please make sure that:


Check from your maintenance company or building manager that the disturbance in water supply is not caused by repair work conducted on your property.


If the disturbance only applies to hot water supply, contact your maintenance company or your district heating supplier. Heating household water and disruptions in hot water supply do not fall under our responsibility.


You can call the technical emergency number for water services to report any faults, such as water pipe leaks, water supply cuts and leaky water meters, as well as missing or defective manhole covers. You can also listen to a notification of sudden disturbances that are currently under repair.

Notices related to water supply disturbances

You can find the so-called normal disruption bulletins here (in Finnish). Scheduled breaks (ajastetut katkokset) are related to the maintenance of our water networks, sudden interruptions (äkilliset häiriöt) to pipe breakages.

If the disruption concerns a wide area and/or instructions for residents are required, an instructions bulletin will be prepared and published on this page. The information channels are defined on the basis of the scope and duration of the disruption.