Water posts

An old green water post.

We maintain 76 water posts across the Helsinki metropolitan area. Residents can use them to quench their thirst when outdoors.

The water posts are marked on the map below. The water posts are in use from the beginning of April to the end of October, weather permitting.

The water from the water posts is the same excellent drinking water that also comes out of the tap on properties.

Locations of water posts in the Helsinki metropolitan area


You can open the map in another window here: locations of water posts on a map.

Historical background of water posts

Up to the late 19th century, wells throughout the Helsinki metropolitan area provided residents’ drinking water. The first steps in water services were taken in 1876 when the first water treatment plant was completed and the first water post introduced. Gradually the public wells were taken over by the fire department and the residents started to fetch their drinking water from the water posts. Before water pipes were laid into the properties, water was fetched from the water posts and carried home.