Sortti collection vehicles


Sortti collection vehicles

Sortti collection tour for hazardous waste this autumn Sortti collection vehicle for hazardous waste tours 4.9.–4.10.2023. Find locations and times.

Our Sortti collection vehicle tour will continue in the spring of 2024

The vehicles accept three different types of waste from residents free of charge: domestic hazardous waste, electric and electronic devices as well as scrap metal. We deliver the waste for proper treatment.

What can you bring to the Sortti collection vehicle?

Hazardous waste (formerly problem waste)

Hazardous waste includes, among other things, energy-saving light bulbs, paints, solvents, cleaning chemicals and batteries.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment

Electrical scrap includes, for example, refrigerators, freezers, televisions, coffee makers, washing machines, computers and electric mixers.

Deliver larger quantities, such as trailer loads, of electric and electronic equipment to Sortti Stations.


We cannot guarantee information security. If necessary, use a service such as to dispose of devices with memory storage, such as computers and mobile devices.


Scrap metal includes, among other things, bicycles, wood-burning sauna stoves, hot water heaters as well as metal containers and cans.

What can you not bring to the Sortti collection vehicles?

Pressure impregnated wood: small quantities can be delivered to Sortti Stations or to a reception location of Kestopuu Oy. Larger quantities must be delivered to the Ämmässuo eco-industrial centre or directly to the terminal of Demolite Oy.

Fireworks, emergency flares, explosives, ammunition and weapons must be delivered to the location indicated by the police, apart from emergency flares, which can be delivered to the stores selling them.

Medications must be delivered to a pharmacy.

Deliver gas cylinders to Sortti Stations or the Kivikko Hazardous Waste Reception Station and barrels of hazardous waste to the Kivikko Hazardous Waste Reception Station (open weekdays 7 am–4 pm).

Car tyres: See the collection points of Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd.

Asbestos: see instructions

Please take large quantities, such as trailer loads, directly to Sortti Stations or junkyards.

How to use the Sortti collection vehicle service

If you arrive at the reception site by car before the Sortti collection vehicles, please take into account the space required for five trucks and park further away. Also remember to wait and keep a safe distance until the vehicles have lowered their loading platforms.

Please hand over your items only to the Sortti collection vehicle staff wearing yellow safety vests.

It is advisable to sort the items to be taken to the collection vehicles already at home into separate bags or boxes, from which they can be easily unloaded into the vehicle that collects that type of waste. If you are unsure where to sort your items, our environmental advisor and collection vehicle staff will assist you on site if needed.

  1. 1

    Hazardous waste

    Keep hazardous waste separate from other waste in intact and sealed packaging. If the waste is not in its original packaging, write what the substance inside is on your own packaging. If necessary, also inform the staff about the contents at the collection site.

  2. 2

    Electric and electronic equipment

    Bring electric and electronic equipment without the cardboard boxes. Please bring coffee makers without the glass pot and vacuum cleaners without the dust bag.

  3. 3

    Metal items

    Bring metal items in a bag or box from which you can empty them directly onto the loading platform.

Our Sortti collection vehicles cannot accept (plastic) bags or boxes used to transport waste. Please take them with you, either back home or to the nearest trash bin.

Did you know?

  • Individual small electric and electronic equipment (under 25 cm) and energy-saving light bulbs can be delivered to the larger stores selling them (specialty shops, department stores) without the obligation to buy a new device. Stores will accept larger devices if you purchase a new device to replace it. 
  • Batteries can be delivered to any store that sells them. Please remember to cover the battery ends with tape! 
  • With regard to light bulbs, only energy-saving light bulbs and fluorescent tubes are hazardous waste. LED bulbs are included in the collection of electric and electronic equipment. Halogen and incandescent light bulbs can be sorted into mixed waste.