asbestos, minerit board

Recycling methods

How to sort?

For safety reasons, we only accept asbestos in Ämmässuo, where the waste is also treated:

  • small batches can be delivered to the Ämmässuo Sortti Station.  The size of the openings on the asbestos skip at the Sortti Station is 200 cm x 50 cm.
  • lorry loads and pieces larger than 200 cm x 50 cm (e.g. safes) must be delivered to the eco-industrial centre. should be delivered to the Ämmässuo Eco-industrial Centre;reception Mon–Fri at 7 am–3 pm.  

Asbestos waste is subject to a charge.

Asbestos must always be packed tightly in plastic to prevent the release of asbestos fibres during treatment.

Asbestos is very hazardous to your health. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that was formerly used in construction, such as pipe and other insulants, screed, plaster, paints, glues, building boards like minerit boards, plates and tiles, air conditioning channels, plastic mats, fire doors and facade materials.