How much does it cost to join the water services?

If your property belongs to HSY's operating area and/or stormwater drainage system, the property is required to join HSY's networks.

For the property owner, the costs of joining the water services are twofold:

1) Expenses from HSY: connection fee and the work caused by connecting to HSY's water networks

2) Other expenses: expenses related to lot pipelines and construction, as well as any official licensing fees

Expenses from HSY

Lot water pipes and lot sewers are the property owner’s responsibility (or the possessor’s). HSY is responsible for the water service’s main lines (main water pipes and main sewers) and their maintenance, as well as for the connection of the lot pipelines to the main lines. HSY is also responsible for the possible branching of joint water pipes in the area before HSY's main water meter. We will also install main shut-off valves and main water meters for the lot water pipeline. Therefore, the tasks mentioned above may not be carried out by the contractor of your choice.

HSY's expenses that the property owner has to pay:

The amount of the connection fee is determined by the floor area of the building, the type of building and the services used. You can use our calculator (in Finnish) to calculate a preliminary price estimate for the connection fee.

The connection work fees of the lot pipelines are invoiced according to the actual costs and the price depends on the size of the lot pipelines. You can get the most accurate price estimate by discussing it with our supervisor when scheduling the connection work. By then you must already have drawn up the property's water and sewer plans (PWS plans), which shows, for example, the size of the lot pipeline. You can make a preliminary estimate of the connection work fee for lot pipelines with the help of our service fee list. Any additional work will also be invoiced in accordance with the service fee list.

During the construction of new municipal water service lines in some areas, pre-constructed lot branches have been built near the property's border. The construction fee for lot pipelines will be invoiced in connection with the connection work, if the property utilises the pre-constructed lot branches. Information about any pre-constructed branches can be found in the connection point statement.

Other expenses from the project 

The lot pipelines are the property of the connecting party and the owner of the property (or a holder who is equal to the owner) is responsible for the construction of the new lot pipelines and the renovation of the old ones up to the main line. The connecting party is also responsible for all related costs.

Other expenses in the project are based on the price lists of contractors, planners and authorities. Hence, HSY cannot provide a price estimate for other expenses.

Other expenses include:

  • PWS plans are required for the construction of lot pipelines or for changes to them, and you can ask the designer/design company for an estimate of the costs involved.
  • In the case of a new building or other project subject to a permit, you must also hire a PWS supervisor. The PWS supervisor you hire must be approved by the building inspection authority of your municipality.
  • You can submit an offer request to the contractor for the construction of the lot pipelines up to the main line and related excavation work. (Some PWS design companies may also offer contracting services).
  • If the lot pipeline is connected to the main line in a road area or public area, additional construction costs arise from traffic arrangements and possible excavation in the road area, re-asphalting, etc.

In addition to these expenses, the authorities may charge different licence fees. Such expenses may arise from, among other things, an excavation work permit, construction or operation permits, as well as possible placing permits and easement proceedings. It is recommended to verify the licence fees from the authorities.

Please also note that extending the schedule beyond the plan can increase the final costs. It is recommended to allow several months for the joining process. For example, possible incomplete information on order forms will increase processing times.

Further information on the work between HSY and the connecting party is available here.

More information on the planning of lot pipelines is available here.