Environmental education

You can book free environmental education and counselling services with us for residents’ events in housing companies, associations and educational institutions. In addition to on-demand lectures, our selection includes online courses (in Finnish only) as well as the opportunity for groups to visit our waste and water services facilities.

Briefings for residents’ events

We offer free lectures and presentations on waste and/or water services for groups of at least 10 people at, for example, events for housing company residents or associations. You can book sorting counselling sessions with us for immigrant integration services as well.
You can choose the topic for the event: 
  • Thank you for sorting – household waste and sorting
  • Water matters in the home – learn about sewer etiquette and the sensible use of water
  • Composting in your own yard: your own composting course for a housing company or an association (available in Finnish or Swedish)
You can, for example, invite an environmental advisor to your housing company to encourage participants to reduce and sort waste. With an environmental advisor, you can, for example,
  • play the sorting game and learn more about the sorting instructions and what happens to the different kinds of waste when they are collected from the housing company
  • receive guidance on the sources of information: where to find sorting instructions and waste collection points
  • get tips on reducing food waste and other waste.
Our partner is the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd/Environmental education.

Please note when making a booking

  1. The event must be held in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area or Kirkkonummi.
  2. The event must be for a minimum of 10 participants.
  3. The event or events must be free of charge for the participants.
  4. The client is responsible for organising a venue for the event.
  5. Learn more about the special terms and conditions for on-site visits.
  6. Book your event at least two weeks before the desired date.