Waste management key figures

A woman looks at a map at the customer service desk of a Sortti Station.

The release of our 2022 waste management annual statistics report will be postponed until spring 2024, as we are currently working to improve our statistical processes. Please see below for some of the key figures from our 2022 waste management report.

You can access all the statistics by opening the annual statistics report on our website either as a PDF or Excel file in the HSY open data service.  

Key figures from operations in 2022

Approximately 555,000 customers visited Sortti Stations.

The Ämmässuo eco-industrial centre received 223,000 tonnes of waste that includes

  • 62,000 tonnes slag from the waste-to-energy plant 
  • 48,000 tonnes of biowaste
  • 33,000 tonnes of reusable soil.
In total, HSY forwarded approximately 187,000 tonnes of mixed waste from the Helsinki metropolitan area and Kirkkonummi to Vantaa Energy Ltd for energy recovery. In addition, Uudenmaan Woima Oy, a subsidiary of HSY, delivered approximately 66,000 tonnes of mixed waste to the waste-to-energy plant.
Approximately 8,9 million waste containers were emptied at HSY’s customer properties. In total, the waste transports included approximately 383,000 tonnes of different types of waste (e.g. mixed waste, sludge from septic tanks and cesspools, biowaste, carton, glass and plastic packages). 

Key financial figures from 2022

Expenses covered by property waste charges in 2022

The revenue from property waste charges was EUR 85,8 million (VAT 0%) in 2022. 

Expenses covered by property waste charges as a percentage


Waste collection for residential properties: 42 % of total expenditure

Other collection operating expenses: 17 % of total expenditure

Regional service functions: 8 % of total expenditure

  • Includes e.g. Sortti Stations and the Sortti collection vehicles that tour in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Kirkkonummi every year 

Other waste treatment: 21 % of total expenditure

  • Covers the operations of the Ämmässuo waste treatment centre, e.g. biowaste treatment 

Construction and development: 3 % of total expenditure

  • Waste management development and investment planning

Administrative and capital costs: 9 % of total expenditure

  • Includes, e.g., support services, waste education and communications as well as administrative and capital costs

Key figures from the 2022 waste management financial statements

Operating income EUR 104,525,000
Operating expenses EUR 80,188,000
Operating margin EUR 24,337,000
Surplus for the financial year EUR 9,745,000
Investments EUR 21,500,000
FTE/number of employees 148,3/135