Electric cable


electric cable, extension cord, electric line, SCART cable, USB cable, cable, phone line, metal cable

Recycling methods

Waste Information

Wires and cables of electrical and electronic equipment such as loose electric cables, power cords, extension cords are sorted to collection points for electrical and electronic equipment. Smaller items can be returned also to large stores/shopping centres selling electrical and electronic equipment.

Traditional electric wires (for example, integrated in building structures) or underground cables are metal waste.

Information about the reception of electric and electronic equipment

  1. 1

    Returns are free of charge

    The return of household electric and electrical equipment to an authorised collection point, such as Sortti Stations is free of charge. 

  2. 2

    Small devices also to a store

    Small electric and electrical devices (max 25 cm x 25 cm) can be returned to large stores/shopping centres that sell electrical appliances free of charge.

    Larger devices can also be returned to a store when a new corresponding item is purchased. Some stores will allow you to return an old device without buying a new one.

  3. 3

    How to sort electric and electronic equipment at a Sortti Station

    Various types of electric and electronic equipment have their own collection points at Sortti Stations.

    • Refrigeration equipment has its own container.
    • Large household appliances, small electrical appliances, as well as monitors and screens have their own platforms and cages.
    • Fluorescent tubes and lamps belong in the hazardous waste container.

    Ask for advice at the station!

  4. 4

    Remove removable batteries and accumulators

    Please do not leave loose batteries or accumulators of any kind in waste electric and electronic equipment, as this creates a fire hazard. Tape the terminals and take the batteries/accumulators to a store battery collection box or to the hazardous waste battery collection point.