Smart Water

​Smart Water improves the resource efficiency of water services - through developing and implementing new and innovative solutions based on information and communication technology.

The target of the Smart Water Project is to enhance the material and energy efficiency and reliable performance of water supply and sewerage. The project sets its focus on leakage management and on enhancing the operations through smart information management.

Smart Water technologies create opportunities for companies to develop their business operations.

  • The project charts both technologies already on the market and solutions under development. Other business sectors may also provide suitable technologies.
  • The most interesting development ideas will be selected as pilot projects which might open new business ventures for companies. Pilots will be carried out in cooperation with companies and HSY.

The project offers an opportunity to present and develop company products in a challenging test environment provided by Finland’s largest water services supplier.

If your company is interested in piloting its development idea with us, our project manager is happy to provide you with more information:

Aninka Urho, aninka.urho(at)