Douze points for Finland’s tap water -carafes in the EU meetings at the Finlandia Hall

Helsinki Region Environment Services Authority HSY has provided the Finlandia Hall with 240 tap water carafes for serving tap water instead of bottled water to meeting attendees.  The carafes will also be used for further representative purposes after Finland’s Presidency period. 

Finland will consistently take the principles of sustainable development into account in the meeting arrangements during Finland’s EU Presidency period. Finland wants thus to pay attention to climate impacts and renew courses of action. For instance, the EU meetings held in Finland are all centralised at the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki.

The carafes used at the Finlandia Hall display four different kinds of laser-engraved messages on their side. The idea is to tell, with a twinkle in our eye, the EU meeting attendees about the quality of the tap water in Helsinki, in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and in the whole of Finland. 

  • Douze points for Finland's tap water
  • Cheers to the world's best tap water
  • Filled with love and the world's best tap water
  • Water you waiting for? Try the world's best tap water

HSY's mission is a clean and sustainable urban life, and this mission is well fulfilled, for instance, by producing high-quality tap water for the citizens.  The carbon footprint of HSY’s tap water production is, according to calculations, merely 0.7 kg annually per inhabitant which equates to driving a car four kilometres.

Additional information about our water production

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