Water supply has returned in the Vuosaari district of Helsinki – drinking water must be boiled as a precaution in affected properties

Update Feb 22 at 12.20pm: Temporary water supply point

Update Feb 22 at 8.40am: Water supply returned but water must be boiled as a precaution. Information added about collecting samples and estimated time of informing about the results. 

Due to a pipe breakage on Thursday Feb. 21, 2019, the water supply was cut off at the following addresses:

  • Heteniityntie 1
  • Heteniityntie 2
  • Heteniityntie 2A, sports park
  • Heteniityntie 3
  • Heteniityntie 4
  • Heteniityntie 5
  • Heteniityntie 7
  • Heteniityntie 9
  • Heteniityntie 11
  • Haapasaarentie 7 (Haapasaarenpolku)
  • Haapasaarentie 9 (Haapasaarenpolku)
  • Haapasaarentie 11 (Haapasaarenpolku)
  • Kivisaarentie 4
  • Kivisaarentie 8

Water supply has returned at 3 a.m. on Friday, drinking water must be boiled as a precaution in affected properties  

Tap water cannot be used as drinking water or for preparing food without boiling. Water must be boiled for at least five minutes. Water used in coffee machines or electric kettles must be boiled first. Water is also usable when it has cooled down after boiling. 

Tap water can be used for flushing the toilet. Tap water can be used for washing up as usual if there isn't any strange smell or colour. Dishes can also be washed with unboiled water but have to dried carefully afterwards. 

The request to boil water is in effect until further notice. We will take samples from the affected properties during Friday February 22nd. We will issue new instructions on Saturday 23.2.2019 when we have the results.

The temporary water supply point will return to the parking lot of the Heteniitty sportsfield on Friday 22.2. around 1 p.m.

Is the water brown or murky? 

After the break in water distribution, sediment may loosen from the pipeline walls due to changes in the flow direction and pressure fluctuation. If the water is brown or murky, let the water run from all taps until it is clear. If the water doesn’t clear by letting it run for 10 minutes, we kindly ask you to inform HSY about the situation by calling our technical emergency number 09 1561 3000. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Aihe: Asiakaspalvelu; Kodin vesiasiat
Kaupunki: Helsinki
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