Water can be used as usual in in the area of Vuosaari of the city of Helsinki

The water supply disruption affected 14 properties on Heteniityntie, Haapasaarentie ja Kivisaarentie.
There wa a pipe breakage in Vuosaari on Thursday Feb. 21, 2019 »  
The cause was pipe breakage.  As a precaution the affected properties were given a request to boil drinking water.

The previously announced request to boil water is cancelled. Water samples are uncontaminated; water can be used as usual.

Let the water run until it is clear

We kindly ask you to check whether the water coming from taps is clear. If tap water is murky, has strange colouring or smells odd, let the water run until it is clear again. If you let the water run for some ten minutes and no improvement is seen in the water quality, please contact the maintenance company or property manager or HSY’s Technical emergency duty for Water Services.

Although tap water might be clear we still strongly advise you to let it run from every tap and other type of water connection (e.g. washing machines) for 2 minutes before using it.

Customers will be compensated for a break in the domestic water supply according to the Water Management Act and general delivery conditions and terms of HSY Water Services. The compensation for over a 12-hour-break will be taken into account later in the water bill of the property, whereupon there is no need to submit a separate application to HSY.

More information: www.hsy.fi/waterdisturbances

Aihe: Asiakaspalvelu; Kodin vesiasiat
Kaupunki: Helsinki
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