Demolition of the old water tower

The demolition of the old water tower in Hiekkaharju, also known as the Tikkurila water tower, is a challenging task and will start when the new water tower is completed and put into operation.

The demolition of the old tower will be done safely, taking into account its location close to other buildings and roads. The demolition contractor, Fortum Waste Solutions Oy, was selected in late autumn 2021. It will take about one year to demolish the tower.

The old water tower in Hiekkaharju was built in two stages: the inner tower was built using the cast-in-place construction method and the outer tower using the finite element method. The concrete element construction of the old water tower in Hiekkaharju was carried out by using the 1970’s so called prestressing system. They have turned out to be challenging in terms of both condition monitoring and rebuilding.

The tower would have to be completely rebuilt so that it could be put to another use. During the rebuilding planning phase, repairing the tower proved to be very expensive. In addition, it is not easy to find other uses for old water towers that require renovation. The most recent example of this is the Lauttasaari water tower in Helsinki, which has been taken out of use.

Demolition permits

The application for the demolition permit for the old tower was submitted to the City of Vantaa on 6 June 2017 and was granted on 18 December 2018. For the demolition permit, a historic building survey and a preliminary plan for the demolition procedures were commissioned.

Environmental impact of the demolition work

The demolition of the old tower will change the cityscape.

During the contract, traffic volumes will temporarily increase on Talvikkitie and Leinikkitie along with the immediate neighbourhood. As the demolition work progresses, there will be more noise from the construction site than normal, which may be an inconvenience to nearby residents and students at the school nearby.

The use of the construction site of ‚Äčthe new water tower as a storage area will be agreed on with the contractor.

The tower will be covered during the demolition work

After signing the contract agreement, the contract will start with preparatory work and according to the plan, the actual demolition work will start after the completion of the scaffolding work in September of 2022.

The scaffolding is made by first installing the prefabricated structures, after which the tower is partly covered.

Future use of the demolished water tower area

The city of Vantaa will decide on the use of the plot where the demolished water tower was located. HSY's lease with the city ends after the tower is demolished.

Resident interaction

The demolition contractor was selected in late autumn 2021. The demolition of the old tower will be carried out by Fortum Waste Solutions Oy.

  • The estimated duration of the entire contract is 1/2022-3/2023.
  • The preparatory work on the construction site began in week 1/2022.
  • The protection and supporting work on the construction site will be carried out during months 1-8/2022.
    • A metal structure that supports the tower and protects the surrounding areas will be built around the water tower.
  • The actual demolition of the frame structure of the water tower will begin in September 2022.
  • The work is done on weekdays between 7-18.

The noise impact will be small during the supporting and installation work. The residents will be informed in advance of any loud working stages.

Heavy traffic in the area is going to increase. The entrance to and from the construction site goes along Leinikkitie. The traffic arrangements in the area will slightly change as the construction site progresses. Signs regarding the new traffic arrangements will be placed around the construction site.

Some of the trees in the building lot will have to be cut down, but as many trees as possible will be saved.

Fortum Waste Solutions informs nearby residents about the progress of the construction site through a monthly notification.

Contractor’s contact persons:

Site manager
Jarno Rumpu
tel. 050 445 0304

Project manager
Kari Kataja
tel. 0400 415 860
Fortum Waste Solutions Oy