Examples of property waste containers

Sami Hedberg introduces new waste bins.

Waste management can be arranged on properties in different ways. Below are examples for properties of different sizes:

Properties with 1-4 apartments

Currently, only the collection of mixed waste is mandatory. If you wish, you can also order other types of waste containers if your apartment happens to be along a waste collection route. You can also create a shared use agreement for waste containers with your neighbour. A shared use agreement can be concluded for all or only some types of waste.

We also encourage you to use the Rinki eco take-back points.

Properties with 5–9 apartments

  • The size of a mixed waste container is 140–660 litres.
  • A multi-compartment container for packaging has a capacity of 660 litres and has its own compartments for small metal items, container glass, plastic and carton
  • The size of a biowaste container is either 140 or 240 litres.
  • Please take a possible paper collection container into account.

We empty multi-compartment waste containers and biowaste containers once a week or every two weeks, depending on the amount of waste accumulated in the housing company. If a housing company wishes to have containers for all types of waste, it is possible to do so. Properties with more than five residences can choose to order a 660 litre plastic packaging waste container. Smaller containers fill up too quickly and therefore pose a challenge for collection.

Properties with at least 10 apartments


Large housing companies with at least 10 residences already collect mixed waste, biowaste and carton, as well as glass and metal packaging in their own containers. 

Deep waste collection containers can be used for waste collection

Your housing company can also use deep collection containers for waste collection. Please note that HSY does not supply deep collection containers.

You can make changes to the waste management service

Please remember to pay attention to the filling level of the new waste containers. If necessary, you can make changes to your waste management service if you notice that the size of the new waste containers or the collection frequency are not suitable.

Make the changes and check the next collection day from our electronic service.

Thank you for sorting your waste!


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