Waste containers and other waste collection equipment

A prerequisite for functional waste management is that the property has sufficient waste collection equipment suitable for the collection system used in the area, as well as for mechanical emptying. The starting point is the waste management regulations and the property’s individual needs in waste collection. The number of waste containers required depends on the property’s size, resident structure and number of waste collection points.

Waste collection must be arranged with waste collection equipment approved in the waste management regulations. The waste management regulations also state which types of waste should be collected on the property.

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Waste collection may be arranged using 

  • 140–660-litre manually movable waste containers suitable for mechanical loading; carton may also be collected in 790-litre containers.
  • waste containers with lids suitable for front, end or crane loading. The sizes of deep collection containers range from a few hundred litres up to five cubic metres.
  • waste press containers.
  • We do not use roller cages for the collection of carton packages (cardboard).

Waste bins with lids and a maximum capacity of 240 litres that are suitable for mechanical emptying may be used for the collection of biowaste. Containers of up to 140 litres may be used for the collection of biowaste generated in facilities.

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Standard dimensions of the most common waste containers

The dimensions vary somewhat depending on the manufacturer of the container.

​Nominal size




​140 l




​​240 l




​360–370 l




​660 l





Waste container colours

The colours of the collection containers are specified in the waste management regulations. If containers of a different colour are used, the intended use of the container must be indicated with a text label in the colour of the collection equipment for the type of waste in question, placed on the lid or front panel of the container.

Maintenance and upkeep of waste collection equipment 

We recommend regular maintenance of waste collection equipment. Maintenance prevents damage and deters pests from entering waste points. The owner of the collection equipment must take care of the maintenance and upkeep of the container. Matters related to the acquisition, maintenance and replacement of deep collection containers are the responsibility of the property. The rental rate of containers rented from us includes maintenance and upkeep.​​

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