Koivukylä Sortti Mini Station

Visiting address: Hosantie 2, 01360 Vantaa

Visit the Sortti Mini Station to drop off household items and small amounts of waste. We only accept certain types of waste. The amount of waste you can drop off is limited because the station has smaller facilities than regular Sortti Stations. The services of Sortti Mini Stations are meant for households.

Accepted payment methods are payment cards, eSortti.fi advance payment and an invoice when using your Sortti card. You can use eSortti to calculate the price of your waste load.

Reuse or recycle!

Items that cannot be reused via Reuse centre, can be recycled into raw materials or energy. So the items keep circulating, one way or another.

The Sortti Mini Station accepts the following waste types:

  • metal free of charge
  • plastic (such as plastic items) €10/m3
  • coated wood (such as cupboards) €10/m3
  • combustible mixed waste (such as sofas) €28/m3
  • non-combustible waste (such as mirrors) €70/m3

Take big loads (over 5 m3) and other types of waste to our regular Sortti Stations.

In the eSortti service, you can calculate the cost of your items. eSortti also makes your visit to the sorting station quicker.

Rause centre accepts electric and electronic waste and hazardous waste from households.