Delivering soil to the eco-industrial centre

We accept soil matter (including contaminated soil) within the limits of our environmental permit and according to our current resources and needs. Please note that we do not accept uncontaminated or so-called slightly contaminated silt or clay soil.

When you want to deliver soil to us

Please contact us before starting deliveries. Information that is important to us includes

  • information on soil quality;
  • estimate of mass;
  • planned delivery date/time; and
  • contact person we can ask for more information.

Send your inquiry to jate.vastaanotto(at) 

We aim to respond to inquiries within three working days.

Before starting deliveries

Make sure that every vehicle you drive has a HSY Waste Management customer card issued in the name of the paying company. If you need more customer cards, you can easily order them using the application form on our website.

Also remember the waste shipping document and/or the basic definition of waste for waste-containing and/or contaminated soil.

The soil you deliver to the Ämmässuo eco-industrial centre is utilised 

We utilise the soil you deliver in accordance with its technical suitability at the final disposal sites of our eco-industrial centre. This means that we do not require virgin soil in the structures of our final disposal sites.