Monitoring stations in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

​​​HSY monitors the air quality at 11 monitoring stations around the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Air quality is continuously monitored in the influence areas of traffic and small-scale combustion as well as in the background areas, such as Luukki and Kallio.

Permanent monitoring stations:

a = Mannerheimintie, busy city centre
b = Mäkelänkatu, street canyon
c = Kallio, residential area in inner city
d = Vartiokylä, residential area
e = Leppävaara, busy district centre
f = Luukki, rural background
g = Tikkurila, busy district centre

Mobile monitoring stations year 2019:

a = Länsiväylä, busy highway
b = West Harbour, harbour
c =Talvikkitie Tikkurila, busy city centre
d = Pirkkola, residential area

The air quality index results of last 12 hours are available for each measurement site by selecting the site from the shortcut menu of this web page.

​The air quality of the Helsinki region has been measured in over a hundred locations »