Touring collection vehicles

​​The HSY collection vehicles tour Espoo, Kauniainen, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kirkkonummi every spring. Our Sortti-stations receive waste all year round, they are open on weekdays 7–21.  About the service in Sortti-stations »

Year 2020, the collection vehicles tour in

  • Helsinki 30.3.-26.5.
  • Espoo and Kauniainen 30.3.-29.4.
  • Vantaa 4.5.-1.6.
  • Kirkkonummi 27.5.-2.6.

The city-specific stops and timetables of the collection vehicles will be available on this website in the turn of February and March. 

To the vehicles you can bring domestic hazardous waste (no pressure impregnated wood, explosives or asbestos), electric and electronic devices and scrap metal. Vehicles receive this type of waste free of charge.  

At the collection vehicle, please hand over your waste items only to a member of HSY staff. We will forward them for proper treatment.