Jorvas Sortti Station

​We will open a new Sortti Station at Jorvas in Kirkkonummi by the beginning of 2018. This station will replace the Munkinmäki Sortti Station.

The Jorvas Sortti Station is located traffic-wise, in a central location along the Old Jorvas Road, near Länsiväylä (the Western highway) and Ring III. The Jorvas Sortti Station is open weekdays between 7 am and 9 pm.

Minimising environmental impacts

We will plan and build the Jorvas Sortti Station in such a way that its environmental impacts are ​as minor as possible. The Jorvas Sortti Station will produce energy using terrestrial heat and solar panels. We will use wood in the construction and recovered material in the structures.

We will landscape the Jorvas Sortti Station so that it sits effortlessly in its surroundings.

The construction of the Jorvas Sortti Station began in spring 2016 and it will be completed at the beginning of 2018. The building project will begin with the station's foundation structures which were completed in the spring 2017. Buildings and yard areas will be constructed during 2017.

Further information on the Jorvas Sortti Station's construction project: ​HSY construction manager Juha Lipsanen, phone +358 40 551 1032.

Conceptual picture of the Jorvas Sortti Station:


1 = Information desk
2 = Reception of electric and electronic equipment, hazardous waste and items still fit for use
3 = Reception skips of waste
4 = Solar panels
5 = Reception of brushwood, stone and garden waste

a = Entrance for customer traffic
b = Entrance for commercial transport​

(Picture: HSY / Virkkunen & Co Architects Ltd)