Waste management for small properties

Properties with at least ten apartments have, on the basis of the waste management regulations, an obligation to collect biowaste and cardboard separately, and properties with at least 20 apartments must also collect glass and metals.

Properties with less than ten apartments can contact our customer service to request the opportunity to have containers for the above mentioned waste types also on their property. You can also compost biowaste on your property.

If your property does not have separate containers for recyclable waste, we recommend you to take paper, cardboard, glass and metals to the recycling poi​​nts​ in your area. Utilising recyclable waste as material continues. Mixed waste is delivered to a waste-to-energy plant, where it will be used in the production of electricity and district heating.

​Plea​se note

  • Take hazardous waste to a Sortti Station, the container intended for hazardous waste or the collection vehicles touring the residential districts during s​pring.
  • Take large objects to a Sortti Station or order the Sortti pick-up service, which is subject to charge.
  • Rent a trailer from a Sortti Station for transporting your waste.


​Through our e-services you can:

Contact our customer service for more information, tel. +358 9 1561 2110 (weekdays from 8:30 am​​ to 3:30 pm), asiakaspalvelu(at)hsy.fi.​​​​​​​