Clothing and other textiles

Items in good ​condition​

  • Take clothing and textiles that are still usable, intact and clean to cloth collection points. Find closest recycling point. ​

  • Offer them to second hand stores, recycling centres and charity shops.

    • Red Cross, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre, Recci, UFF and Fida receives clothing, shoes and bags.

  • Try to sell them online or ask if your friends have use for them.

Items in bad con​dition

We are testing the collection of end-of-life textiles at Sortti stations from November 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020. During the trial, we will accept end-of-life-textile materials free of charge. 

More about the trial (in Finnish) »
Sorting Instructions »
Contact information and opening hours for Sortti stations » 

  • Turn old clothing and cloths, into cleaning rags or carpet weaving material.
  • Repair. Utilise any usable parts, such as zippers, prints or buttons or offer them to people who do crafts.
  • Take pieces of cloth and ready-cut carpet weaving material to the Recycling Reuse Centre’s Näprä​ craft department
  • Ask if Helsinki Humane Society HESY​ has need for linens, towels, bed covers  duvets, and winter clothing. They use them in the beddings for the animals.
  • Several shop chains have organised textile collections in their stores.​ For example: KappAhl​, Lindex​, Finlayson, H&M, Sokos Helsinki and Kaari Take textiles and shoes​ to stores, regardless of brand or condition.
  • Sort them into mixed waste.

Waste G​uide​​ provides more info​rmation on sorting waste.​​