Plastic packaging waste

Plastic packages include, among others, empty plastic food packages.

Throw other plastics, such as broken sleds and toys, into the property’s own mixed waste container.

What can be sorted ​​​into plastic packaging waste?

  • Plastic food packaging such as yoghurt pots and packaging for​ cold cuts, cheese and ready meals
  • Detergent, shampoo and soap packaging
  • Plastic bottles, cans and jars, preferably flattened
  • Plastic carrier bags, bags and wrappings

Empty packages, clean them and let them dry off, if necessary.

What should not be sorted into plastic packaging waste?

  • PVC packages – 03 sign helps you to recognise packages containing PVC.
  • Residues of hazardous substances such as pots and cans containing paint, chemicals, oil or medicines.
  • Medicines and other hazardous waste - take medicines to the pharmacy and other hazardous waste each to their respective collection point.
  • Others than packages.
  • Plastic packaging waste from companies.

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