Disturbances of water services and applying for compensation

​​​Sometimes, disturbances may occur that entitle the customer to receive compensation from HSY.

Interruption in the water supply or deviation in the water quality

Customers will be compensated for an interruption in the water supply in accordance with the Water Services Act and the General Supply Conditions of HSY Water Services. In case of an interruption in the water supply that lasts over 12 hours, the compensation will be taken into account in the property’s water bill; a separate application does not need to be submitted to HSY.

If the deviation in water quality caused damage to persons or property, compensation must be separately applied for in writing. The application is submitted to the following address: HSY Registry Office, P.O. Box 100, FI-00066 HSY or by email to kirjaamo(at)hsy.fi. We recommend that the property manager collect all the applications.

Water damage

When water damage occurs to a property, it must first be checked whether it has been caused by the water fixtures of the property or the water pipes. If no cause is found for the damage on the property side, it is advisable to contact HSY and find out if the general water pipes have had leaks. The contact information is on the compensation application form.

HSY’s water pipes occasionally break due to ground movements such as frost heave. If it is noted that the water damage has been caused by breakage of HSY’s water pipe, we will compensate for direct damage to property. More detailed instructions are provided on the compensation application form (in Finnish).

Damage caused by a loose well cover or leakage hole

The compensation application form (in Finnish) can be used to apply for compensation for damage caused to vehicles by loose HSY well covers or leakage holes in the road. HSY will only compensate damage against the actual costs. If you first apply for compensation from your vehicle insurance company (full comprehensive insurance), you can apply for compensation from HSY later in regard to the deductible and any no-claims discount loss.