Invoicing and payments

We send all invoices as paper versions, unless you agree on another method of payment with your bank, such as e-invoicing or direct payments. These invoicing methods are only available for private persons.

​Business customers and housing cooperatives, for example, can receive an electronic bill, if they use a system that can process them.

Invoicing frequency

​The invoicing periods of waste management’s customer properties are usually 1 to 3 months, depending on the invoicing group. The due date of the next invoice is shown on the previous invoice.

As a customer of water services, your invoicing frequency is mostly based on the size of your property.

The invoicing frequency for customers based on the floor area of their properties:

  • four times a year for 500 square meters or less
  • six times a year for over 500 square meters​.


If you have paid for more than your actual consumption on the basis of the water services’ estimated invoices, we will take the difference into account and reimburse you through the balancing and estimation invoice.

Depending on the final sum of the invoice, we either pay the reimbursement directly onto your bank ac-count or take it into account as reimbursement in your next invoice.

If we pay the reimbursement into your bank account, we will request the account number through credit invoice, if necessary.

You can send the account number to us by email to perinta(at) We request the email to include a reference to the number of the credit invoice.

​If you have accidentally paid too much for your waste management services, we will automatically take this into account as reimbursement in your next invoice.​