Strategy and sustainability

Together we will make the Helsinki metropolitan area the most sustainable urban area in the world. We are Finland’s largest public operator in the environmental sector and provide waste management and water supply services to more than one million residents in the Helsinki metropolitan area. In addition, we are responsible for air quality information, produce geographic information on the development of the region and promote climate work.

Strategy 2030 – Together for a Sustainable Future

HSY's vision is to make the Helsinki Metropolitan Area the most sustainable urban area in the world. To this goal, we are led by environmentally responsible operations, a sustainable economy, resident experience and the transformation of work. Our strategy extends to 2030.

Our operations are based on four values

  • Service-mindedness
  • Openness
  • Sustainable
  • Cooperation

Ten programmes will contribute to the objectives of the strategy, focusing on environmental responsibility, the transformation of work, sustainable economy and the resident experience.

Environmental responsibility

Carbon-neutral Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Our goal is to provide carbon-neutral water services and waste management in 2030. Carbon neutrality means that our operations do not contribute to global warming.

  • Our main operations are reducing climate emissions and improving energy efficiency.
  • We are supporting the realisation of a climate resilient Helsinki Metropolitan Area. We cooperate so that the Helsinki Metropolitan Area can reach its climate goals by 2030.

At the center of circular economy

Our goal is to promote the circular economy of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In practice this means, that:

  • We will act as a coordinator, developer and influencer through information in regional circular economy cooperation.
  • We will promote the nutrient cycling and sludge recovery, and add circular economy aspects to our procurement and construction projects.

Our goal is to increase the household recycling rate to 60% by 2025 and reduce the amount of mixed waste in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Kirkkonummi. Increasing the sorting of biowaste is of central importance to achieving the goal.

  • We will enhance the collection and treatment of biowaste, and develop new recycling services to residents.
  • We will encourage and advise residents to sort household waste. HSY's waste guide will help residents with their sorting problems.

Clean Baltic Sea

We are actively working to reduce our nutrient load on waterways.

  • We commissioned the Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant, which will further reduce the nutrient load into the Baltic Sea. We will carry out continuous research and development work as cost-effectively as possible. Our priorities are improving resource efficiency, nutrient recovery and minimising the climate impact of wastewater treatment.
  • We will renovate and repair the sewer network to reduce overflows. We will encourage our customers to renovate old plot pipelines and direct the stormwater correctly. We will increase residents' knowledge of sewage etiquette, especially regarding harmful substances.

Changing work

Employer that attracts and retains employees

Our goal is to enable a good employee experience and to recommend HSY as an employer.

In practice, this means that

  • We will develop a motivating and flexible remuneration and rewarding system in line with HSY’s objectives that is based on good performance and extensive expertise.
  • We will invest in management by coaching and constructive interaction.
  • We will promote a transparent, equal and diverse workplace culture.

Competent and developing personnel

Our goal is that our operations are based on meaningful and developing tasks, the ability to change and cooperation.

  • We will enable growth in our own work with our functional career path model and systematic competence development.
  • We will actively strengthen cooperation and interaction at HSY, each in our own work.

Sustainable economy

Efficient and economical operations

Our goal is to produce our services sustainably and cost-effectively.

In practice, this means that

  • We will improve the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of our services.
  • We will make our internal processes more efficient, smooth and straightforward.
  • We will ensure that our organisation supports efficient operations.
  • We will develop indicators that describe productivity.

Stable finances

Our goal is to finance our investments and services with water and service fees. We are making long-term plans for achieving well-balanced finances.

In practice, this means that

  • We will maintain our assets in such condition that we can provide sufficiently high-quality and comprehensive services in the coming decades. We will use our assets efficiently throughout their entire life cycle.
  • We will develop the prioritisation, implementation, monitoring and effectiveness of investments. We will balance the investments in member municipalities and water services.
  • We will implement a responsible and predictable charge policy that promotes savings.
  • We will organise our loan financing efficiently and in accordance with the fundraising policy. The incurrence of additional debt will be brought to an end.

Resident experience

Sustainable and developing services

Our goal is that our services are smooth and easily accessible. We will develop an electronic service for our customers. We will diversify and expand the range of Sortti services.

Secured drinking water

Our goal is that residents always have access to good quality drinking water. We will take care of operational reliability with sufficient investments. We will be prepared for disruptions and exceptional situations.

Taking care of the surroundings

Our goal is to take care of the immediate environment of the residents of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in our operations.

We will identify and reduce the harmful effects of our operations on the surrounding nature and residents. We will promote biodiversity with our operations, such as establishing meadows and the control of invasive and harmful species.

We will produce reliable and up-to-date information about the air quality in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Integrated Management System

The Integrated Management System enables us to systematically take into account and implement quality, safety, and environmental aspects in our operations.

HSY’s Integrated Management System meets the international quality and environmental requirements ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 as well as the occupational health and safety requirements ISO 45001:2018. Bureau Veritas Certification has issued certificates for all three standards.

In addition to legal obligations, we also improve the state of the environment through voluntary measures. We monitor continuous improvement through internal and external audits and reporting, among other things.

Combination certificate

Operational policies

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY is the largest public environmental sector operator in Finland.

We provide water and waste management services and regional information on the principle of continuous improvement.

In our operations, we comply with the obligations and requirements set by society and the promises made to stakeholders in compliance with legal requirements.

Our vision 2030

Together, we will make the world's most sustainable urban region.

HSY’s values

  • Openness
  • Service-mindedness
  • Sustainable
  • Cooperation

We at HSY

  • Develop our services in a customer-oriented manner to make them smoother.
  • Provide reliable and high-quality services to our customers in a cost-effective manner.
  • Take care of the well-being of the Baltic Sea.
  • Mitigate climate change.
  • Strengthen the implementation of circular economy in the region.
  • Create a safe working environment, together.

HSY is a responsible and developing employer.

At HSY, we have fun and are happy to come to work.

Tommi Fred
Executive Director


Sustainability is a key element of our strategy. We take the environment, people and finances, as well as the residents, municipalities and other operators in the Helsinki metropolitan area, into account in all our operations.

We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The objectives of our social commitments are:

  • We are a pioneer in environmental responsibility and resource efficiency. Published in 2019.
  • We promote a good working life and cooperate extensively with our stakeholders. Published in 2020.
  • We plan and monitor our finances carefully and in such a way that they remain stable and we are able to pursue a sustainable rates policy. To be published in 2021.
  • We work closely with the cities and other operators in the region to build a sustainable urban area. We help residents and companies act for a sustainable environment. To be published in 2021.