We carry out communications together with experts in waste management, water services as well as regional and environmental information. We communicate in accordance with our values of sustainability, openness, service-mindedness and renewal.

We report on HSY’s current affairs on our website, across social media channels and in our newsletters that cover various topics.

Our services for the media

You can contact us if you are looking for an environmental expert to interview. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page. The on-call service for communications serves the media in the event of disturbances outside office hours, tel. 050 559 8709.

You can use the image bank, which includes images related to water services, waste management and air quality. The terms of use are available in the image bank.

Use requires registration. HSY and the name of the photographer must be included when using the images.

Our social media channels

We use HSY’s social media channels to provide information about our operations, work, projects, and current events. Through our social media channels, we also want to engage the residents of the Helsinki metropolitan area to do the right thing for the environment.


HSY has three Facebook pages. On our ‘Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut’ (Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority) page, we bring HSY’s services closer to residents, strengthen interaction, and increase awareness about HSY. Our Facebook pages also serve as an information channel for residents in times of crisis and in exceptional situations.

On the ‘Fiksu vähentää jätettä’ (It’s Smart With Less Waste) page, we provide advice about sorting, among other things. On our ‘Ilmastoinfo’ (Climateinfo) page, we share information and tips on reducing your carbon footprint and facts about climate change.


On our ‘Meillä töissä’ (Working for us) Instagram account, we publish posts about working at HSY, recruitment and internship notices, summer jobs, competitions, information about our cooperation with educational institutions, and everything interesting that happens at Finland’s largest public workplace in the environmental sector.

We provide sorting tips on our ‘Kiitos kun lajittelet’ (Thank you for sorting your waste) account, and explain how you can take big and small climate actions on our ‘Ilmastoinfo’ (Climateinfo) account. On the ‘Metsäpirtin multa’ (Metsäpirtti soil) account, we share plant photos and information about our soil products.


On LinkedIn, we provide information about our organisation’s expert work, especially focusing on HSY’s development work and the innovation efforts that we have been involved in. We follow and participate in current discussions and network with other operators in the field.


HSY has three Twitter accounts. On the main account, our goal is to provide information about HSY’s expertise, participate and engage, report on current affairs, increase awareness about HSY, and serve as an information channel in times of crisis and in exceptional situations.

On the ‘Ilmanlaatu’ (Air quality) account, our goal is to provide information about and discuss air quality. On the ‘Ilmastoinfo’ (Climateinfo) account, our goal is especially to spark a debate about climate change.


On our YouTube channel, we publish, among other things, talks by our experts from various seminars, employee stories, and a wide range of environmental education and training videos.