Hiekkaharju water tower

We have kicked off the planning of the new Hiekkaharju Water Tower in Vantaa, which is replacing the old water tower.  With the construction of the new tower we are able to increase the reliability of the water supply in Eastern Vantaa from its present level in tandem with the increasing population numbers in the area.

The new water tower is planned to be located in Malminmäki Park in the vicinity of the present water tower.  The water supply network of the area is already available, which means that the investment costs concerning the main water pipe lines will remain low.  The location in the midst of a significant consumption area is also beneficial for future needs from the point of view of water supply. After the completion of the new water tower, the intention is to pull down the old Hiekkaharju Water Tower.

We will furnish the new water tower with state-of-the-art equipment and process technology solutions. Besides the water tower we will also integrate the necessary new water main lines and a wastewater sewer into the present networks.  The cost estimate of the water tower project is ca. 11 million euros and the estimated completion will be in spring 2018.​ 



Illustration of a new water tower at night and during the day.

Futher information is found on Finnish and Swedish pages.

If you want to have more information about the project please send your questions either via email to the address: palaute(at)hsy.fi or use the feedback form on our web pages.