Water main of West Espoo

​The water main of West Espoo covers the construction of an 800 mm water main from the Helsinki water service network to Vantaa water service network. The length of the whole main line is 14 kilometres.


The main connection includes three booster stations, from which the water is pumped to the various pressure zones of Espoo. This new main connection will improve the reliability of water distribution and the sufficiency of water as the resident numbers increase. The growth of water consumption in Espoo will be around 40 percent by the year 2040.


After the main line is complete, water can be led from Helsinki to Espoo through two different, separately working water supply connections. The new main makes possible to shut down Dämman water treatment plant.

In the beginning of 2016, the all main line sections are or under construction. Project is estimated to be completed by summer 2016. We will launch  the water main at the end of the year 2016.

Read our bulletin dated 18.11.2016: Water main of West Espoo to be commissioned – Dämman water treatment plant to close at the end of the year

More information about the launch in Finnish

In 2017 water from two plants

After the launch of water main we produce water to the whole metropolitan area in two water treatment plants, Pitkäkoski and Vanhakaupunki. Both plants get their raw water from lake Päijänne and the treatment process is similar in both plants. Household water of high quality will flow along a wide water pipe network to the metropolitan area.

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More information about water quality