Resident collaboration

​​We collaborate with the resident community during the Blominmäki treatment plant’s construction project in different ways. We organise meetings, gather feedback and convey information to those interested in the project. We invite people whose lives are affected by the construction project to explore the construction work we do for a cleaner sea.

Residents' meetings

​Last open residents' meeting was held at 18th May 2016

The excavation work of the treatment plant, to be completed in 2020, is in progress; excavation work of the sewage tunnels has already partly been launched. Please, familiarise yourself with the master plan of Blominmäki sewage tunnels. Read more about the master plan of Blominmäki sewage tunnels » (only in Finnish)

In the future, we will update current resident material only in Finnish.

The project has an electronic mailing list that we use to send newsletters in Finnish on topical matters to residents. The contact information is only used for conveying information about the Blominmäki project. By joining the mailing list, you can stay easily up-to-date on the current events of the project. You can join the mailing list via the subscription form. You can use the same form to unsubscribe (in Finnish).

If you want to give feedback on the project, use our feedback form or send an e-mail to palaute(at)

If you need further information about the project, you can send an e-mail to blominmaki(at)